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Script Clearance

Script Clearance Report


A script clearance report will act as your road map to avoid potential legal proplems when shooting your film or other project. A script clearance report will alert you to names, places and objects that present clearance, copyright or trademark issues, along with other less obvious issues like invasion of privacy or derogatory usage.


We will provide you with a clear easy to read report. Our Experienced professionals will analyze the script and research the names of characters, businesses and locations as well as products and other copyrighted or trademarked material such as music. The report will identify the potential conflicts and at your request suggest an alternative. You can then make an informed decision regarding seeking permission or changing the script to resolve the conflict.


Remember, clearing your script at the pre-production stage is much, much easier and less expensive than after shooting has begun. Most distributors will require the Script Clearance Report in order to obtain E & O (Errors and Omissions) insurance or distribution.


Along with your Script Clearance Report, which is your road map, you will also need a Title Report. We will combine the expense of these two reports into one manageable fee for your convenience.


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