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ClearEverything was formed in 2005 by a veteran entertainment rights and permissions professional. ClearEverything is a full-service clearance company providing the highest quality services in a cost-efficient and timely manner. ClearEverything serves creative professionals in entertainment and related industries.


We at ClearEverything bring many years of varied and complementary experience to the company. We provide a full range of services ranging from Music to Talent clearance and specializing in Script and Title Clearance. We have worked on projects for Television, Film, Music and Multi-Media presentation. Our professionals have worked with major studios, television networks as well as many independent producers.


Protect your hard work. The script is everything. Obtain legal permission to use preexisting footage, people or music in your work. A script clearance report will help you identify and avoid potential copyright and other legal issues. At your request we will also work to obtain permission.


ClearEverything is committed to the highest level of service. Tell us about your project and let us work with you. We will find a way to work within your schedule and budget.


ClearEverything 3949 Los Feliz Blvd., Suite 606 Los Angeles, CA 90027 (Phone 310-943-6567 Fax 309-294-1409) email